Lindsay Adler Photography

The Inside View



My name is Lindsay Adler and I am a 23 year old aspiring fashion photographer. I spend a majority of my time working on fashion editorials and writing articles for a variety of publications. I teach workshops and seminars to other photographers, and enjoy traveling to speak and photograph. I am DEEPLY passionate about my work… photography is the central focus of my life. It is what I live for.

The Past:

I have been a photographer since I was 13 (I first published an image in a calendar company at this age). Early on in high school I started my own portrait/studio business (Adler Photography) which I continue to run to this day. I have a lot of different experience in the world of photography. I have worked as a freelancer (selling images to various magazines), have interned at a daily newspaper (The Press and Sun-Bulletin and The Post Standard), and was photo editor at my college paper (The Daily Orange). I’ve done photographic assisting, worked at fashion photo studios and more. I also have embarked on a speaking career, speaking to a variety of photo clubs and professional photo organizations on many different topics.   I have won dozens of photographic awards, including the North American Nature Photography scholarship, the New York Women in Communications Scholarship, Hearst Photojournalism Awards, College Photographer of the Year awards, and many more.

The Present:

I am currently pursuing a career in fashion photography. I spent 6 months in London creating a variety of fashion editorials to help build my portfolio and begin to pursue an agent. Right now I am spending my time between New York and London where I teach photo workshops, create editorials, write articles, and pursue my passions.

I currently contribute to Apogee Magazine, Popular Photography, Professional Photographer, and other publications. I travel to speak and give seminars to various photo clubs

The Future:

At this point I am continuing to build my portfolio and publish my fashion photography in a variety of publications. I hope to be able to support myself on the income made from fashion/commercial photography images.

My work:


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